Large Farm House in Tuscany

The farm has a total area of approximately 415 Ha and a mainly wine vocation. It produces D.O.C wines for years and is well integrated into the national and international market. It is fully irrigated by gravity system fed from a small lake in the woods.

It has an important farm center composed of apartments for employees, basements, warehouses, services , offices, warehouses and bottling wine storage, tool shed , wine tasting room, restaurant and conference room, etc..


The total area is divided as follows by crops :
• Vineyards: approximately 65 ha.
• Vineyards plantable 65.00.00 ha. (actually cultivated fields)
Olive production 7:00:00 ha.
Forest with lake approximately 270ha.
Internal Roads – others  8 ha.
Total 415 ha.

The buildings of the farm are as follows:
A – Apartments , aging cellar and tasting area: 1707.62 sqm
B – Wine sales room on the ground floor and Meeting room on the first floor: 284.90 sqm
C – wine cellar 1: 654.48 sq.m
C1 – wine cellar 2: 550.90 sq.m.
D – Kitchen, dining, toilets and restaurant: sqm 291.89
D1 – minimarket: 90,71 sqm
E – Offices on the ground floor and apartments on the first floor: 375.76 sqm
F – Bottling and wine bottles store: 943,50 sq.m.
G – Barricaia: 428.99 sq.m.
G1 – Luggage machinery and agricultural equipment: sqm 400.00
H – Ex-silos area: 315.21 sqm
I – Warehouses: 165,00 sqm
– Manor house with adjoining park and farm hose complex (being restructured for agritourism activities): about mc. 34.000.

The winery has a total capacity of hl. 10,200 in stainless steel tanks , concrete tanks , wooden barrels and barrriques.
The farm is equipped with tractors, trailers and agricultural machinery for cultivation and treatments as well as trucks and cars and other equipment for wine making, storage and aging.

The farm is equipped with a bottling line.
All in good conditions.

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