The new Giga Yacht Sovereign by Gray Design

The outstanding Sovereign yacht is a unique pearl on the sea and combines sports styling, huge volumes, good performance and plenty of entertainment that a yacht must have in the +100m range of super yachts.And last but not least with a special “James Bond” factor.

Some specifications of the Nedship MegaYacht Sovereign
• Design between 105 up to 125m depending on the final specs
• Beam around 18m

• From 2 x 8.000 hp (+23kn) up to 3 x 10.000 hp MTU for +30 kn (depending on the final weight)
• Range around 6.000 nm
• Master upper deck suite with around 400 sqm
• Private master outside deck (could be in combination with a private pool)
• Various guest GA from 6 VIP guest suites (each around 60 sqm and with its own balcony) or up to 14 smaller guest suites.
•1 or 2 swimming pools (8 x 4.5m)
• Heli pad (with a heli hangar option on the 125m)
• Eurocopter EC 145 DB luxury version can be part of the package ( 8 seater with luxury configuration)

• 24 -28 crew
• 70 sqm cinema
• Big gym with massage salon, hamam and sauna,
• Golf patch and several other natural sceneries
• 1 impressive central stair tower w ith elevator and 2 service stairs towers
• Lots of lounge and guest areas (Internet café, library, Piano corner, beach park, ….)
• Full beam garage for up to 15m tenders and lots of toys as well as cars.
• Lots of balconies (minimum 8 )